Welcome to Lotus Creations

The Lotus has been symbolic of creation, rebirth and enlightenment throughout history. It brings harmony into our being and represents elegance, beauty, perfection, purity and grace.

Lotus Kitchens strives to “create a Lotus product” – to enrich and enhance the lives of our clients.

Lotus creations was born from the idea that there were better ways to create great modern cabinets for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or general storage. Consequentially a great team of experienced innovative people has been assembled to use:

  • First their experience.
  • Second their passion for creation.
  • Third the latest in technology.
  • Last but not least their great management skills to ensure every job meets it’s deadline.

Whilst we are avid uses of technology and the great innovations that are coming from other countries we believe in combining good old Aussie know how and our knowledge of local architecture and conditions with the best ideas from around the world.

tonys kitchen 198

Lotus Award Winning Kitchen

The kitchen below won for us first prize in the recent Master Builder Awards. The kitchen includes a carved granite bench top, which is  a very practical design because it allows generous preparation and serving space plus dining / drinking on  a stool at the bar. The innovative use of lighting by the Lotus design …

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PROMO: I Need A New Kitchen

We are a young company (with some wise heads) and this is our second straight Home Show. Last year we had so much fun and the reaction to our products was so terrific we couldn’t resist the temptation to come back again. The fact we sold so many kitchens last year also helped make us …

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